Thomas Locke, Fight Malaria Headshot

By Thomas Locke
Founder, Fight Malaria

In 2016, GSK and Comic Relief launched a national competition for students. My challenge was to design innovative ways of fighting malaria, focusing on either bed nets, education, new technologies or mosquito breeding grounds.

Opting to focus on education, Fight Malaria was born as an online resource hub. My aim was to simplify public health information concerning malaria for populations with low literacy. As such, I designed a series of graphic-based educational materials, such as the ‘Symptoms Card‘ which is available to download today.

I was inspired by the effectiveness of public health campaigns, like this one in Ghana.

Working alongside GSK, I was offered tips on how to improve the website. After months of development, I was invited to the competition final at the Science Museum in London. Following a short presentation and Q&A with a panel of industry experts, I was awarded third place.

Today, the website connects the dots between the different efforts to fight malaria. I want to bring you closer to the people behind malaria research, fundraising and policy implementation, interviewing key stakeholders.

I’ve travelled the country with my trusty microphone, interviewing at locations ranging from a small baptist church in Hampshire to a Biomedical Research Lab at Durham University.

Thomas Locke, Fight Malaria Interview with Penny Mordaunt
An Interview with the UK's International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt

My original aim to simplify malaria continues today, with my weekly news podcast, Malaria Minute. It brings listeners up to date with the latest research, funding and policy. Just sixty seconds in duration, the podcast offers a short look into the most recent developments.

I am also accredited by Harvard University through their Malaria course, you can view my certification here.

We are at a crossroads.

The World Malaria Report of 2018 states that progress against malaria has stalled. To truly achieve this lofty goal of malaria eradication, sustained efforts and increased funding are vital.

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