Educational Resources

Education is a vital part of eradicating malaria. I’ve developed a series of educational resources to help raise awareness of the disease.

Feel free to download and share these resources.

Malaria Information Card

​​​​​A concise overview of what malaria is and how you can protect yourself from it.

Malaria Symptoms Card

A visual representation of the symptoms of malaria.

Travel Checklist

A handy guide listing what you should consider bringing with you to a malaria endemic region.​​​​​​​

MYTH: You Can Catch Malaria

We debunk one of the biggest myths about malaria – that you can catch it.

MYTH: Mosquitoes Die After Feeding

We explain that mosquitoes don’t die after feeding, despite popular belief.

Pregnant Women and Malaria

Details of how pregnant women are affected by malaria. 

ABCD Acronym

Understand what to do if you think you have malaria with our convenient ‘ABCD Acronym’ card.

Infographic: Delivery Drones

Discover the use of drones in humanitarian aid and the delivery of medicines with this infographic!