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What's the difference?

The Fight Malaria Podcast
The Fight Malaria Podcast is ideal for travellers and students wanting to learn more about malaria, its vector and the science behind it. The podcast series offers a concise overview of malaria.
The Fight Malaria Audio Blog
The Fight Malaria Audio Blog are narrated versions of our articles, making them more accessible, allowing the user to engage with the story. This is also the podcast series where we share our 'Five Minute' interviews.
Malaria Minute
A weekly round-up of all of the latest news about malaria.

Episode One: What is Malaria?

Learn the basics of Malaria, including how to protect yourself. Voiced by Julie Berry.

Episode Two: The Science of Malaria

We explore malaria in further detail, looking at the science behind the disease. Voiced by Morgana Robinson.

Episode Three: The Symptoms of Malaria

We look at the symptoms of malaria and tell you how to work out whether you have caught the disease. Voiced by Chris Bowen.

Episode Four: Travelling and Malaria

A short overview of the countries you may wish to avoid as well as what you should bring if you choose to travel there.

Episode Five: Which Mosquito Causes Malaria?

We tell you which mosquito causes malaria and how the disease is transmitted.

Malaria Education Films

London-based animation company, Alternative View have partnered with Medical Aid Films to produce three concise videos explaining what malaria is and how individuals can protect themselves from it.