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Action Pour la Promotion de Lutter contre la Malaria




APLM was created on the 6th of July 2017 with the main objective of contributing to the fight against Malaria in the framework of healthy health and sustainable development. Our association believes that we should all play a role in maintaing good health in a community and try to prevent the spread of diseases such as malaria.

Malaria is a scourge in Burundi and a brake for the sustainable development of the country because the whole Burundian population are alerted by this scourge especially in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Following reccomendations from the World Health Organisation, we aim to reduce the number of deaths caused by malaria in Burundi and across Africa.


Our vision can be summarised in a few key objectives, we aim to:

  • Train community workers on how to prevent and treat malaria.

  • Create centers to manage individuals with malaria.

  • Spray repellent in locations where malaria is prevelant.

  • Establish 'Stop Malaria Clubs' across the country of Rwanda.

  • Make the population aware of the need for the use of mosquito nets.

  • Encourage communities to work together to inform and educate others about malaria.

  • Establish the National Observatory on the Use of Mosquito Nets (ONUM)

  • Contribute to the sustainable provision of mosquito nets to populations at risk of malaria infection

  • Contribute to the availability of anti-malaria products in health institutions.

Stop Malaria Clubs:

One of our objectives is to implement so-called 'Stop-Malaria Clubs' in Schools across Rwanda. The aim of these clubs are to help schools understand how to educate their students and why they need to incorporate the disease into their curriculum.

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If you would like to contact APLM, you can email them: [email protected] or connect with them on Twitter or Facebook.