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Education is a vital part of eradicating malaria so our team has deveoped a series of educational resources to help raise awareness of the disease.

Feel free to download and share these resources.

Malaria Information Card

​​​​​A concise overview of what malaria is and how you can protect yourself from it.

Malaria Symptoms Card

A visual representation of the symptoms of malaria.

Travel Checklist​​​​​​​

A handy guide listing what you should consider bringing with you to a malaria endemic region.​​​​​​​

Pregnant Women and Malaria


A small card with details on how pregnant women are affected by malaria. Ideal for Twitter or a blog post!

ABCD Acronym


Understand what to do if you think you have malaria with our convenient 'ABCD Acronym' card.

MYTH: You Can Catch Malaria


In this downloadable resource, we debunk one of the biggest myths about malaria - that you can catch it.

MYTH: Mosquitoes Die After Feeding


In this downloadable resource, we explain that mosquitoes don't die after feeding.

Infographic: Delivery Drones

Discover the use of drones in humanitarian aid and the delivery of medicines with this infographic!

Fight Malaria Promotional Poster

Show your support for Fight Malaria by sharing a photo of you with our Promotional Poster on social media!

If you encounter any issues trying to download or access our educational resources, please let us know by emailing: [email protected]

Malaria Education Films

London-based animation company, Alternative View have partnered with Medical Aid Films to produce three concise videos explaining what malaria is and how individuals can protect themselves from it.