In order to successfully eradicate malaria, we must address three fundamental points: economic development, new tools and the scale-up of core interventions.

Economic Development

Increased political commitment is needed to eradicate malaria. Countries must understand that eradicating malaria requires sustained investment, not just a quick cash injection. In order to make significant progress against the disease, there needs to be an expansion of financing.

New Tools

Whilst the current medicines used to treat malaria are effective, they may soon face resistance and become worthless. Pharmaceutical companies need to develop new, efficacious medicines to treat the disease. The insecticides used in mosquito nets should also be renewed while mosquitos develop resistance to them.

Scale-up of core interventions

Malaria Programs should increase access to core interventions. More mosquito nets need to be distributed and more walls need spraying with insecticide. There needs to be greater access to diagnosis, too, to ensure prompt treatment.